We build sites that work for you and for your visitors. A wide variety of "outside the box" web applications are available through custom scripting.
  • User interaction (article discussion forms, user forums and chat rooms)
  • Web Browser updates. Keep the information on your site current using simple browser based forms.
  • Collect information from visitors via email forms or store it in a database.
  • Multilingual browser based content translation.
  • Flash interactive pages and introductions.
We work in PERL, Javascript, ASP, XML, and anything else that suits our purposes.

    Perl / CGI
  • Search Script
  • Mailer Script
  • E-Postcards
  • Event Calendar
  • Gallery Script
  • E-Commerce
  • Majordomo Newsletters
  • HTML Editors

  • Image Flips
  • Browser Detects
  • Random Image Display
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
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